Sell your house without a realtor. we buy houses cash nationwide!


Would you like to sell your house fast without having to use a realtor, or having to do a single repair? We buy houses directly from homeowners for cash as-is, Nationwide!

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WANT TO Sell your House fast?

Welcome to Flippin’ Keys, If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’ve probably been contemplating selling your home for some time now. Perhaps you’ve also been askin yourself, “how do I sell my house without a realtor?” or even debating, “should I sell my house without a realtor?” Well, you’ve come to the right place, we are your Nationwide Fast Cash Home Buyers!

As experienced real estate investors, we specialize in providing a hassle-free solution for motivated home sellers looking to bypass the traditional real estate agent route. With our streamlined process and dedicated team, you can sell your house fast and efficiently, all without having to do a single repair. Say goodbye to agent commissions and lengthy waiting periods.

We Buy Houses Nationwide!
We Buy Houses For Cash Nationwide!
We Buy Houses Fast Nationwide!

We Buy Houses Fast Nationwide!

At Flippin' Keys, we believe selling your house should be faster, easier, and hassle-free for property owners Nationwide. We provide you with an all cash offer, as well as multiple selling options that traditional real estate agents and other cash home buyers can’t offer.

We alleviate the stress of selling your home, allowing you to focus on life’s other priorities. Our objective is to make the process of selling your home, as effortless and straightforward as can be by eliminating:

  • The hassle of having to find the right agent
  • The need to make costly repairs
  • Having to deal with open houses and showings
  • The need to clean up before you move
  • Having to pay realtor commission and fees
  • Waiting for your house to sell as it sits on the market

We’ll guide you through every step.

Discover the freedom of exploring multiple options beyond traditional home buyers or local real estate agents.

At Flippin' Keys, we acknowledge the unique nature of each seller’s situation. Our goal is to accommodate your needs and circumstances effectively.

While we are renowned for buying houses in cash, we understand that the Cash for Keys program might not be the ideal solution for everyone. Hence, we introduce a diverse range of buying and selling strategies through our Creative Solution Program.

So, whether you’re seeking an all cash offer for a quick and hassle-free transaction, or want to utilize our creative strategies to maximize your potential profit, Flippin' Keys has the solution for you.

Our “Quick & Convenient Sale” Option:

Sell Your House Fast with our Cash For Keys program.

Cash for Keys program

We’ll make you a fair cash offer so you can sell without the hassles and stress that comes with listing it with an agent.

  • Competitive Cash offer
    Tell us about your house and we’ll carefully evaluate it with our local market expertise to provide you with a fair, no-obligation cash offer.
  • No Showings – No Hassles
    Skip open houses, weekend showings, and disrupting your life.
  • You choose your closing day
    Once we make an offer, we can close in just days, not months. You pick the date that is best for you.
  • We’ll cover any repairs
    Does your house need repairs? Don’t you worry, we’ll buy your house as-is! You can even leave behind unwanted items and we’ll haul them off at no extra charge.
  • We pay all closing costs
    Closing costs can add up, which is why we cover them for you. No extra costs or hidden fees. All-inclusive.
  • No fees or commissions
    Since we’re buying your house, we charge no fees and no commissions. Refreshing? We think so, too.

Our “Quick &Creative” Option:

Creative Solution

The perfect solution if you’re looking to maximize your sale price, without having to pay realtor commisions and fees.

  • Maximize your sale price
    We’ll sell your house at the highest possible price with our wide buyer network and the best marketing in your area.
  • More peace of mind
    Unlike when you list it with an agent, you dont have to worry about a buyer’s financing falling through. We’ll come up with a solution to buy your house from you.
  • Expertise at every step
    Once we come to an agreement that best suits your needs, our team of professionals will take it from there, all the way to the closing table. Usually closing within days.
  • Our cash offer is on standby
    We give you multiple options to sell. At any time, you can activate our Flippin' Keys Cash for Keys Program.
  • *Ask about our “Fix and List” option
    For the right situations, we can often fund and do improvements to your house to raise the value for a higher sales price. This can put an additional $5k to $25k+ into a seller’s pocket.

    *Inquire to see if your house qualifies for our “fix and list” program

I Need To Sell My Home Fast!

Here are just a few of the many reasons why homeowners might need to sell their home. Whatever your situation, you’re not alone. Countless individuals face the urgency of selling their property every year, often risking loss to banks, debtors, government entities, or homeowners associations.

We’ve assisted numerous homeowners in similar circumstances. We empathize with your challenges and fears. When you reach out to us, we’ll listen attentively, comprehensively assess your real estate predicament, and provide you with a tailored, effective solution.

DIVORCE: Another common scenario that may force the sale of your house arises during divorce proceedings. In the absence of prenuptial agreements, marital property is typically divided equally between spouses. If you and your partner cannot reach an agreement regarding ownership of the house, it may result in the unwanted sale of the property.

INHERITENCE: Inheriting a property often means inheriting its accompanying challenges: financial burdens, steep repair costs, bad tenants, and ongoing maintenance, to name a few. Let’s be honest, sometimes the risks outweigh the rewards if you’re not in a position to take on such responsibilities.

FORECLOSURE: Unforeseen circumstances like job loss or unexpected medical expenses, with bills accumulating could lead to the necessity of having to sell their home before it gets foreclosed, ruins their credit and chances of purchasing another property for years to come.

FINANCIAL STRESS: Another circumstance that may lead to the sale of your house is if you find yourself in significant debt, unable to meet your repayment obligations to creditors or lenders. Should your debt exceed the value of your house, selling the property may become a necessary course of action.

DISTRESSED: Perhaps you own a house that’s either sitting vacant, suffered fire damage, or was distressed due to acts of nature. The significant investment of time, effort, money, and stress required to restore it may not be worth the trouble for some. In such cases, selling the property may be in your best interest.

RELOCATING: Whether you’re making a voluntary decision to relocate or facing a mandatory move due to professional obligations such as work commitments or military deployment. Sometimes selling the home you leave behind is the best option.

INCREASING CRIME RATE: If the crime rate in your neighborhood has escalated to the extent that it poses a threat to the safety and well-being of your family, it may prompt the decision to sell your house and relocate to a more secure environment.

Whether you’re going through a tough divorce, facing foreclosure due to financial stress, coping with the loss of a loved one, and now finding it difficult to afford your home on your income alone, owe more than the house is worth, requiring you to pay money just to sell your home, or dealing with the challenges of managing a rental property, Flippin’ Keys is here to assist property owners nationwide.

We specialize in purchasing homes quickly for cash. As experienced real estate professionals, we not only offer a fast buying process but also provide multiple buying and selling strategies to help you sell your house fast. Our deep understanding of the local market ensures that we can deliver a fast, easy, stress-free experience!

We Buy Properties of All Types

Flippn’ Keys purchases various types of real estate, including:

  • Houses
  • Duplexes
  • Townhomes
  • Mobile Homes
  • Condos
  • Multi-Family Homes
  • Vacant Lots
  • Mobile Home / Rv Parks
  • Apartments
  • Buildings
  • Land
  • and More

We’re not concerned about the age, appearance, or condition.

We’re here to purchase your property whether it has zero or negative equity, whether it’s in such poor condition that banks won’t finance potential buyers, or even if it has liens, code violations, or other legal issues attached to it!

Whatever the property type, if you’re looking to sell your home quickly, then we’re looking to buy it quickly, we offer a complimentary, no-obligation cash offer. We can also discuss other options for selling your home. Plus, we’ll work with you to set a closing date that fits your schedule.

We Buy Ugly Houses Fast Nationwide
We Buy Ugly Houses Nationwide!
We Buy Newer Houses Fast Nationwide
We Buy New Houses Nationwide!
We Buy Vacant Lots Nationwide!
We Buy Vacant Lots Nationwide!
Flippin' Keys house seller in  example shot

A Better, Faster, and Lower Cost Way To Sell Your House

  • Avoid paying real estate agent commissions
  • We cover the closing costs
  • We cover all repairs with our “Cash For Keys option
  • Avoid open houses
  • See what we can offer for your house today!
  • Already got an offer? Let us try to beat it!

At Flippin’ Keys, we offer a distinctive approach, leveraging a variety of creative strategies that set us apart from traditional investors and realtors. Our goal is to facilitate the swift sale of your house. By selecting us as your partner, you unlock a diverse array of solutions tailored to expedite the selling process for your home

Contact us and submit the short property information form below. We can provide you with a fair cash offer. If the cash offer isn’t what you had in mind, we can also discuss other options for selling your home, and we can close whenever YOU choose to close. Alternatively, we can determine the best strategy that suits your needs. It’s entirely up to you! It doesn’t matter what condition the house is in or even if there are tenants in there that you can’t get rid of; we’ll take care of it for you. Best of all, because we don’t have to rely on traditional bank financing, if you need the cash quickly, we can close in as little as 7 days. . (Go here to learn about our process →)

How Can I Sell My House Fast?
(It’s quite simple.)

To get started, just share details about your property using our information form or reach out to us at 210.964.8523. Expect to receive your all-cash offer!

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Tell us about your house by filling out the form. We’ll get to work analyzing your property.

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We’ll make you a fair offer based on the market value and condition.

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You get to choose the selling option that works best for you, and there’s zero obligation.

Before You List Your House With An Agent,
Get A Fair Cash Offer From Us!!

Regardless of the condition of your house or the situation and timeframe you’re facing…Our goal is to help make your life easier by getting you out from under the property that’s stressing you out.


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Simply complete the form on our page, and a member of our team will reach out to you promptly. We’ll explore a speedy cash offer and discuss alternative solutions that may better suit your needs.

The Best Way To Sell Your House Without a Realtor!

At Flippin' Keys we assist homeowners facing any real estate challenges. Whether you’re in a situation where you owe more on your home than its current value, dealing with difficult tenants, or simply looking to sell your house fast without a real estate agent, we’re ready to present you with a fast, all-cash offer!

So if you’re tired of the challanges that come with owning a home and you’re unsure whether you should sell it the traditional way, share you’re property concerns with us, we’re here to help. Connect with our team today by giving us a call at 210.964.8523 to explore your options.”

At Flippin' Keys, We buy houses nationwide. If you need to sell your house fast, connect with us today. We would love to make you a fair, no-obligation, no-hassle offer. Take it or leave it. You’ve got nothing to lose. 🙂

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